About Healthkon

Healthkon is an on-demand healthcare delivery platform that enables patients to schedule appointments and have video consultation with practitioners in the Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine (TCAM) segment.

Some of the best TCAM practitioners, spiritual masters and energy healers in India carry out their online practice using the Healthkon platform.

Why Should a Practitioner Sign-Up on Healthkon?

Establish your practice online

Launch your practice online using the Healthkon platform. Everything is taken care of, you just need take the first step to sign-up. Our dedicated team will familiarize you with the tool and assist you through the onboarding process.

Grow your practice

By overcoming geographical limitations and utilizing Healthkon’s web based video consulting platform.

Monetize your time

Cash in your available hours online with Healthkon.

Leverage the platform to suit your convenience

No more spending hours at your clinic handling patients without appointments and missing out on other important engagements. Choose your own time slots, and only once you approve an appointment is your consultation booked.

Engage with an elite network of TCAM peers

The platform is your professional network gateway too! It enables practitioners to connect with each other across therapies to discuss cases for the benefit of the patient, or simply connect and enhance their network through our internal messaging capabilities.

Publish your own journals, articles & successful cases

Showcase your work on the Healthkon blog which has wide online circulation and recognition. You can also get access to various write-ups by our other experts about the latest developments in TCAM.

Manage your patients' expectations by

Answer questions for disease management, wellness and rehabilitation

Diagnose and treat non-communicable diseases

Write advice and treatment and share with patients

Be available for a follow-up audio call to check patients progress within 7 days of consultation

Refer patients' to other specialists, if required

Maintain an online record of patient history to be used anytime

How to Sign-Up

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Give us a call on 1-800-833-8108 or drop us an email at support@healthkon.com. We will take it from there and ensure that your on boarding is seamless. We will also hand-hold you through your first experience with the tool and assist you with any queries you may have. All this at your own convenience!