The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new – Socrates

Contemporary healthcare delivery is structured around physical interaction between the Doctor and patient, be it in clinics or hospitals and in their overall approach, continue to be excessively provider-centric and rarely address the needs of the patient beyond the clinical perspective. Additionally, Primary healthcare delivery remains woefully inadequate for the underserved communities particularly in rural areas. 98% of doctors reside in semi-urban or urban areas necessitating more than 45% of the rural population to commute distances between 7 – 28 KM’s to reach a qualified Doctor. The huge gap for access to primary healthcare needs to be bridged, thereby impacting the health outcome of many millions, globally.

Healthkon positions itself as a Digital Helath Enabler to providers delivering healthcare to the underserved communities in the developing world. What then is Digital Health?

Digital Health is understood to mean “the field of knowledge and practice associated with any aspect of adopting digital technologies to improve health, from inception to operation”. This definition is in line with WHO EB142/20 of 2017.

It has been recognized as instrumental in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and achieving universal health coverage (UHC).

Healthkon’s startup journey began in Nov 2015 when Pranay, the founder decided to quit a corporate job with a fortune 100 company, with a goal of touching a billion lives through health –tech delivery. We endeavor to impact health outcome using technology at the core of our offering.

Proof of Concept: The PoC was conducted between Doctors based out of Hyderabad and nodes out of rural Telangana between Oct thru Mar 2017 serving more than 5000 villagers.

Pilot: A pilot program was show cased in Marathwada for the Chief Ministers ‘Village Social Transformation Foundation’ (VSTF) between August through Dec 2017 with Seth Nandlal Dhoot Hospital (SNDH) as the hub and 8 spokes within 100 kms serving more than 30,000 villagers.

Healthkon’s Digital Health solutions are currently deployed / being deployed across 400 urban PHCs spanning 3 states with one of the bigger providers in the Tele-health space.

International: Healthkon’s distributor in West Africa is currently evaluating the solution through a pilot program in 1H2019. We are engaged in East Africa and look forward to deploying in the region in 2019.


Healthkon’s vision aligns with the WHO vision of Digital Health to promote ‘healthy lives and wellbeing for everyone,everywhere, at all ages.


Our mission is to ensure accesible healthcare delivery to the underserved communities across the developing world. We aim to achieve this through

  • An ‘in-clinic’ experience to the remote patient and Doctor
    • SMART monitoring and diagnostic devices
    • EHR / EMR
  • Enhanced outreach for accessibility
    • ICT based Telemedicine Solutions
  • Accessible Specialist opinion and first level screening

How we work

What is Our Reach

The solution is designed for the Indian sub continent. However, the same solution can also benefit BoP populations in underdeveloped and developing nations in Africa, Latin America and SE Asia.